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Training the Body, Developing the Mind

It is the mission of Technique to educate, mentor and train the youth of Chicago using sports. Our primary focus is to give the children of the Chicagoland area a safe haven where they can learn the life lessons that are necessary to excel through the sport of cheerleading.  Through proper training and performances Technique serves to create a  program that builds grit and boosts the confidence of its athletes.  Technique will provide athletic and personal support for all within our program. We will prioritize the mental evolution of our athletes in each step of their development.  Discipline is essential to give our athletes an advantage in sports and in life. Therefore, strict guidelines concerning appearance, behavior and achievement have been established and will be a cornerstone of our program.  Technique provide a supportive atmosphere; one that emphasizes accountability and teaches community responsibility. As a program will continue to grow and evolve into a worldwide force while maintaining our focus on providing the best competitive training to the youth of Chicago.  

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